Friday, March 5, 2010

Why is it Grammie's Krafty Kabana

Nine reasons why I call my store Grammie's Krafty Kabana!!!!
I am grammie to 9 grandchildren and I love to craft.  Did they have a great idea or what?!?!?!?

The Three Oldest Grandaughters

"YEAH, Im Cool"  Oldest grandaughter.

Oldest Grandson with cousin and sister.

This drawing pictures got really boring.  Its time for a nap.

Why do I always get into trouble?!?!?

Fun at the fair!!!!

This fair stuff wears me out!!

Youngest grandson.  Do you like my new hat?

I like the rides.  Hey grammie look at me!!!

I love my new baby sister!!!

Why does food taste so much better on a picnic?

Feeding the goats. Wow they are hungry!!

Oh no, are they going to eat me?

Oh Oh spaghetti O's !!

MMMMMM lollipops.

Why does Grammie make me do this??

Hey look at me.  I dont need a bottle anymore. 
I can do this!!!!

Newest baby grandaughter.

Hey its me again. 

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