Friday, April 16, 2010

Go Green With Reusable Gift Bags - Eco Friendly - Celebrate Earth Day

Everybody is talking about ways to "go green. " These days in an effort to reduce using the world's natural resources that are not renewable. Reuse materials or use items that are reusable in other ways. The whole green topic can be confusing because you have to wonder if something you do as an individual can really have an impact. Every little thing that one individual does, does make a difference. When you put millions of little things that we as individuals do. It adds up to a great bit. We learn early to separate out our newspapers, glass products and metal cans to be picked up by recycling trucks.

Using reusable gift bags is one way to "go green". Instead of using paper gift wrap, that you will throw away or using throw away gift bags. Use a reusable gift bag that can be used over and over, used as a book bag, used at the beach, and so many other uses.

I have a reusable gift bag that my family uses over and over again. Each year for Christmas, the person that has the bag, passes it on to the next person. It is always fun to see who receives it each and every year. The person that receives the gift bag that year. Gets a special little gift from everybody in the family. Just something small and fun. You can always make a fun time with reusing the gift bags. Use your imagination and come up with little games using yours. Pass it on!!!!!!

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