Friday, September 3, 2010

Harvest Pumpkins

This is the time of year when the air is starting to smell fresh and clean.  The leaves are soon going to start turning those wonderful colors of orange, red and purple.  We will all start thinking about getting those rakes out and start raking big piles of leaves, just to get rid of them.  But the kids will be wanting to jump in those piles.  Oh that was so much fun. 

All the Halloween candy is on the shelves now.  With so many different kinds of candy, how do we choose the ones we want.  I know, Ill take one of each.  :-0)

The kids and grownups are thinking and looking out for just that right costume for all the Halloween activities.

We all start decorating in those wonderful autumn colors.  Enjoy this autumn season and be safe.

Here is a set of Autumn Harvest Pumpkins that could get you started with your decorating.  Makes a great center for your tables.

Set of 3 Autumn Harvest Pumpkins
$10.00 plus S & H

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